4.15 am Monday morning. The world around me is asleep. Some of them probably in their 5th and final dream. Sleep never wants to be friends with me. I wonder why? There are times when I lay on the bed, trying to sleep. Funnily, I have tried everything in the book. Count crows, sheep, tick-tock(s), try to stare into the wall and trace the ever elusive face-in-the-wall, 100 push-ups. Nothing seems to help. No glass of hot milk, no alcohol, no boring programs on the idiot box, no boring novels on “how-to-be-successful”, not even good sex can make me sleep. Wtf? But then sleep, I do. I pass out after 5 am. It happens just like that. No explanation to it. No warning. No signs. It just hits me, like a nice hard punch. I drift into this lucid space. I float around in myriad thoughts, move in and out of various emotions, and then suddenly I hear myself snore! That’s an unique sensation to hear myself snore. It’s like an ‘outer body’ experience. I wake up briefly, savoring the moment for a while longer, before drifting again into a labyrinth of conflicting thoughts. At 5 am, it sure seems to be a busy day in my head.


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